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Organize your everydaylife!
PennyTalks is a personal digital voice labeler

• Speech supported user instructions
• 19 pre-stored languages 

• Real-time backup – on a removable 8 GB memory card 
• High quality sound
• Tactile buttons
• Wash and tumble dry safe labels for clothings
• All accessories included

Includes the following languages:

Arabic              Cantonese

Danish          Dutch
English         Finnish
French         German
Hebrew        Italian
Japanese     Korean 
Mandarin     Norwegian 
Polish           Russian 
Swedish       Turkish
To create another language minimun qty. is 60 pcs. Pls. contact us.

Upgrades - PennyTalks generation 2
  • 19 pre-stored guiding languages
  • 8 GB SD card– Unlimited messages can be stored
  • New high sensitive label reading sensor
  • Upgraded sound quality
  • New environment friendly packing

Download instructions and program to update old labels from the version 1 pen so that they can be read by the new pen version 2. See files below