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Multifunction high quality talking thermometer with a temperature measuring range between -29°C to 240°C.


  • Outdoor temperature with wireless connection between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Indoor temperature 
  • Oven and roasting thermometer with a probe sensor that can withstand temperatures up to 240°C. Alarm function when the set temperature is reached
  • The probe sensor can also be used for measuring temperatures in liquids and for temperatures in other areas such as in the refrigerator and in the freezer
  • MyDegrees can announce the temperature modes in 10 different languages and which can be freely set
  • Adjustable volume
  • Velcro fastening possibility for hanging both the outdoor and the indoor unit
  • Magnetic cover on the indoor unit- Attach the thermometer to your refrigerator or white board

Dimensions main unit:
Height: 13 cm
Width: 6 cm
Thickness: 1,5 cm

Dimensions outdoor unit:
Height: 10 cm
Width: 5 cm
Thickness: 1,5 cm

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